Frequently Asked Questions:

General tour info:

Are the tours conducted in English?

We have bilingual guides so tours can be carried out in English or in Spanish.

Are the tours at Sky Adventures guided?
Tours sold through our website are always guided, or done accompanied by one of our staff members (Except Sky Wild Bike Park). In most of our tours this is a must because there’s equipment handling and safety measures that must be done and/or assured by our trained staff. But we also have some exceptions where tourist are able, if they prefer it that way, to do the tour on their own. This are Sky Walk, Herpetarium Adventures and Sky Wild Bike Park.
What is the maximum number of people that can go on tour?


Sky Trek: 20

Sky Walk: 10

Sky Tram: 15

Sky River Drift: 14

Sky Limit: 10

Sky Wild Bikes: 8

Sky Wild Kayaks: 8

I have a big group, how can I book an adventure, plan our trip to Sky Adventures, and make it work?

We handle big groups, but is best to book at least a couple weeks in advance. You can try booking through our web but you can also contact, and our team will help you plan your visit at Sky Adventures.

Are kids allowed?

Kids are welcomed but we have some restrictions for safety reasons.

Sky Walk, Sky Tram, and Herpetarium Adventures: Everyone is allowed.

Sky Trek, Sky Wild Bikes, Sky Wild Kayaks: minimum height of 3’11” (120 cms)

Sky River Drift: minimum height of 4’7” (140 cms)

Sky Limit, Lagoona Xpeditions: at least 15 years old

Flyboard: at least 12 years old.

What weather should I expect on my visit?

Costa Rica has two seasons, a rainy season going from May to November and summer season that is from December to April. At our parks, since we are located on the most preserved mountains of Costa Rica, weather is very variable in between seasons. But for adventurers and nature lovers, that won’t be a problem, since you will always make the best out of it.

What am I allowed or not allowed to carry on tour?

On our tours that involve any kind or riding (zip lining, rafting, rappelling, biking, etc. ), tourists are not allowed to carry any loose objects, such as: unstrapped bags, cellphones, camera poles / sticks, or objects that will not leave your hands free while performing such activities.

However you can carry a small backpack with such objects you consider necessary.

Transportation info:

Is transportation included on the tour fee?

Transportation is NOT included, but is available at an additional cost. While booking through our website, you’ll be presented an option to include transportation. Select it and remember to specify your hotel for pick up in the form you’ll be asked to fill with your information.

Where is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided LOCALLY, from hotels or key places either in La Fortuna or Monteverde to the parks in those same areas.

We DO NOT OFFER transportation from outside these areas, La Fortuna or Monteverde. We also do not offer transportation in between La Fortuna and Monteverde or vice versa.

Is the transportation one-way to the park or roundtrip?

Transportation available for tours includes both ways.

I’m travelling on car. Is there parking available?

Parking is available at both our parks in Monteverde and Arenal.

How long will it take to get to Sky Adventures?

If you are in La Fortuna, getting to our Arenal Park will take about 30-40 minutes.

And if you are in Monteverde, getting to our Monteverde Park will take about 15-25 min.


Do you recommend booking before?

Advanced reservations are highly recommended, however we are happy to accept last minute reservations as space allows.

Am I being charged for reserving online?

Currently we are NOT CHARGING for reserving online. You will pay the day you arrive at our park with your preferred payment method. You will reserve online to be assured you’ll have space on tour.

Cancelation and tour date policies?

You will be able to cancel your reservation and get 100% refund (if you already paid) as long if is at least 3 days before the tour date.

You can also change your tour dates or schedules freely at any time as long there’s availability.

At our Parks:

Will pictures be take on our tour?

Picture service will be available and you can purchase them while on tour, or when the tour finishes.
Sky Picture service will be available for Sky Trek, Sky River Drift and Sky Limit.

Is there a Restaurant at your park to have lunch or a quick snack?

At both of our parks we have restaurants available. We offer different kinds of food, including, typical Costa Rican food: casados, hamburgers, sandwiches, coffee, beer, etc.