“Top Rate Family Fun – safe, exciting, and well run”

We looked online for lots of family-friendly places in the area before choosing Sky Adventures, and we’re so happy we chose this place. We didn’t hear a single description of any other place while in Costa Rica that made us wonder whether we’d missed something better. Read the complete review.

Costa Rica Sky Adventures – 2 Parks, tons of experiences

A series of tours can be done at Costa Rica Sky Adventures, and for your convenience we have 2 different parks on key locations in Costa Rica that tourists simply can’t miss, such as Monteverde and the Fortuna – Arenal Volcano area. So check out our tours and book them based on your planned destination.

Monteverde Cloud Experiences

Monteverde is the first park we opened on one of the most acclaimed cloud forest in the world is waiting for you to discover. Our classic and original attractions can be done here,

Arenal Explosive

Arenal Park has great things to offer. Just at the outskirts of the breathtaking Arenal Volcano, this park offers incredible views and a variety of activities suited for every kind of tourist.


A must for thrill seekers! These unique experiences combine heights, speeds, challenges and other factors that will get your adrenaline rushing at a Costa Rican style.

Sky Trek

Get your heart pounding by taking a zip line ride through the Costa Rican forests canopy. Among  the dozens of options, definitely the best is  Sky Trek, where you’ll whizz along 1.7 miles of cables slung between towering trees.

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Sky Limit

This adventure will be done within the tropical rain forest, with more than 10 activities of adventure, ability, skill and teamwork. The tour features a series of challenges designed to enhance your skills and abilities.

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Sky Wild Bike Park

Unique trails designed to enjoy nature and adrenaline from inside the tropical rain forest. Challenging single tracks for enduro, cross country and downhill will let you liberate all your energy and adrenaline.

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 Water Blast

Soaking fun! In a tropical paradise, water is one vital element, this adventures involve water somehow, being on the lake, its surroundings, or on one of our rivers, enjoy Costa Rica at Arenal Lake and its surroundings.

Sky Wild Bikes and Kayaks

Are you ready to try the coolest and most exciting adventure water sport?  Want to experience what is like to fly out of the water like Ironman?  Then you have to try Flyboard at Arenal Lake.  Flyboard is easy to learn and really fun right from the start.

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Sky River Drift

Sky River Drift is one of the most popular attractions of Sky Adventures, this unique water adventure includes 2 zip lines, and  a ride on aa personal raft to descend in a rapid river of 2.3 miles.

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Sky Wild Bikes and Kayaks

This tour focuses on the extraordinary Arenal Volcano and lake, riding alongside the lake you will cover lots of ground discovering amazing things, learning about local culture and nature.

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Sky Wild Kayaks

Experience the scenic and beautiful Arenal Volcano and also it’s magnificent lake from the unique perspective of a kayak. This tour gives you the opportunity to do a trip across lake on a personal or double kayak.

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Go Green

Peace, tons of fresh air, and admiration for nature you’ll get on this smooth tours.

Sky Walk - Walk of a lifetime

Sky Walk is a spectacular combination of suspension bridges and trails with heights that exceed the treetops. This guided tour gives you the opportunity to really connect with nature and enjoy the wild life of the area.

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Sky Tram - Panoramic views

The Sky Tram will take you up to the highest mountain in the area, the aerial tram will offer amazing views, and one of our guides will explain about the flora and fauna in the area.

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Arboreal - Tree Climbing Park

Arboreal Tree Climbing Park is a new way to enjoy nature. Get up and explore the tree tops on a totally new adventurous activity. Climb a series of trees each one different from each other with different difficulties and characteristics.

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Herpetarium Adventures - Wildlife face to face

This guided tour is an appropriated place to learn about Costa Rica’s amphibians and reptiles. You can appreciate over 30 species including snakes, frogs, toads, lizards and turtles.

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