Safety, our top priority.

In our company we take very seriously the matter of security, and that is why today we are recognized as the safest company to develop adventure activities.

With over 17 years of experience in adventure tourism, security is a recognition that we have been given for the years of hard work, always seeking perfection in this field.

Part of this commitment is that we evaluate our parks and staff every day to constantly improve and provide tours of the highest safety and quality.

Our key elements in safety:

Our Staff

There is no point having the highest standards in safety unless we have a highly trained staff. In our company this is our primary concern, all our guides go through a meticulous training in emergency procedures and safety protocols.


We use bigger platforms: (15 meters long and 3 meters wide) built with highly resistant materials like steel and anchored to concrete foundations. A normal adventure tour company uses trees instead with wood platforms and sometimes not even with the basic safety components such us a guardrails.

Resistant Cables

Each cable is stainless steel and it has a resistance of 37,000 pounds. All our cables are acquire and certified by Fatzer a Swiss company top of line in quality. We are a unique company in the world that studies and buys custom made cable specially designed for zip lining . Also the cables we use are twice as thick compared to a normal canopy tour.

Innovative Pulley System

Our pulleys have two comfortable handles. This design is unique and exclusive. Thanks to this design you can just decide to enjoy instead of worrying about your hand on the cable.

Braking System

We work with a totally safe system which consists in an innovative braking mechanism ( Z Braking System). When you reach the end of the cable, one of the guides will stop you, so dont worry about braking, because someone will do it for you. In other canopy tours, you have to brake by yourself with your hand on the cable, which represents a risk for your safety.

First Aid

All our platforms are equipped with first aid and emergency kits in any eventuality the boxes have a extra harnesses, pulleys, radio and a first aid kit.

Trusted brands we use:

Singing Rock Safety
Bartholet Safety
Petzl Safety
Doppelmayr Safety
HeadRush Safety
Fatzer Safety
Camp Safety