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Safety, our top priority.

Safety is of utmost importance within our company, and we are recognized as one of the safest companies in our field. With over 20 years of experience in adventure tourism, our reputation for safety is a testament to our unwavering commitment and continuous pursuit of excellence.

Our dedication as a safety-first company encompasses various aspects, from the construction and infrastructure, where we use the best equipment and brands available, to daily assessments of our parks and staff. We prioritize constant training and certification of our staff, ensuring they hold the highest industry certifications. This commitment allows us to consistently enhance our operations, providing tours of the highest safety and quality. Our track record speaks for itself, and the safety of our visitors and team remains our top priority.

Our key elements in safety:

Trained Staff

Ensuring the highest safety standards requires a highly trained staff. At our company, this is our top priority. All our guides undergo meticulous training in emergency procedures and safety protocols. They are certified by legal entities and receive ongoing training in safety matters.

No Hands On Cable

For safety reasons and user comfort and experience, Sky Adventures minimizes visitor involvement in the zipline experience. Our pulleys feature a unique design with two comfortable handles. This design ensures that your hand remains on the pulley and never on the cable, enhancing the safety of your ride and allowing you to simply enjoy your adventure, the ride and the views.

No Harm To Nature

We use purpose-built platforms instead of trees to prevent future harm to nature while also increasing safety. These platforms are wide and spacious, designed with adventure activities in mind, and take into consideration the comfort of both our guides and visitors. They are constructed from steel and anchored to concrete foundations.

Braking System

Unlike conventional zipline tours where you are often responsible for braking with your hands on the cable, we employ a completely safe system featuring an innovative braking mechanism. When you reach the end of the cable, one of our guides will stop you using this braking system, so you can enjoy your ride without worrying about manual braking.

Exclusive Cables

We are a unique company that uses stainless steel cables appropiate for ziplining. Each stainless steel cable has a remarkable resistance of 16,783 kgs (37,000 lbs). Additionally, our cables are twice as thick compared to those used by normal zipline tour companies.

Safety Protocols

Our safety policies are centered on accident prevention and ensuring the well-being of our guests at all times. This is our primary goal, and we are constantly prepared for it. In the unlikely event of an incident, our guides and staff are well-trained and ready to respond. We have established protocols in place and equipped all platforms and stations with emergency kits for added safety.

Trusted Brands We Use:

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