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Our Story

It all began with a shared, profound passion for nature. Don Fernando and Doña Ana Victoria, brother and sister, have been working together since 1997 when they embarked on an adventure that would ultimately revolutionize tourism in Costa Rica.

In 1997, Costa Rica Sky Adventures was born, marking a pioneering milestone in Costa Rican tourism. After multiple attempts with different partners, it was Don Fernando, the elder brother with a unique vision, who decided to involve his family. Since then, Sky Adventures introduced the groundbreaking concept of hanging bridges, offering a fresh way to explore the cloud forest from a truly unique perspective: the treetops.

From that pivotal moment, the Valverde family has relentlessly pursued the development of ways for visitors to deeply connect with nature and embrace new experiences. Their mission extends far beyond tourism, as they are dedicated to creating employment opportunities for the local communities and contributing to the prosperity of the entire region. Their efforts have played an indispensable role in establishing Costa Rica, and particularly La Fortuna, as a top-choice destination for adventure and nature exploration.

Our Founders

Fernando Valverde

Leading the way as the eldest among six siblings, Fernando is a seasoned biologist with a profound commitment to pioneering sustainable projects. His visionary spirit and relentless enthusiasm were the driving forces that initiated the remarkable journey of Sky Adventures. Fernando’s original idea, coupled with his innovative mindset, have been the cornerstone of the company’s identity, driving it to new heights.

Victoria Valverde

As the youngest member of the Valverde family and the sole woman, Victoria provides a harmonious balance and dynamic leadership to the company. Her unwavering dedication to aiding others, regardless of circumstances, exemplifies strong female leadership. Victoria’s nurturing and compassionate presence has added a distinctly caring dimension to Sky Adventures, making it not just an adventure, but a warm and inviting experience for all.

What Defines Us:

Family Company

Sky Adventures is a family company of Costa Rican capital, a pioneer and market leader in ecotourism and adventure tourism, with more than 17 years of experience


Our entire company and our actions are strongly committed to the environment. We know how important the environment is and we take action in preserving it, we also encourage everyone to do the same.


From our staff, equipment, to the materials we build with, everything that we do, we first consider safety factors. That is why today we are recognized as one of the safest companies to develop adventure activities.

Social Responsibility

We care about our communities, and we are interested in their growth and development. We also rescue the culture of our people, we promote our cultural values in our community, employees and visitors.

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