What defines us:

Sky Adventures is a family company.

Family Company

Costa Rica Sky Adventures is a family company of Costa Rican capital, a pioneer and market leader in ecotourism and adventure tourism, with more than 17 years of experience.

Safety is our top priority.


From our staff, equipment, to the materials we build with, every thing that we do, we first consider safety factors. That is why today we are recognized as one of the safest companies to develop adventure activities.

We take care of our environment.


Our entire company and our actions are strongly committed to the environment. We know how important the environment is and we take action in preserving it, we also encourage everyone to do the same.

We help others.

Social Responsability

We care about our communities, and we are interested in their growth and development. We also rescue the culture of our people, we promote our cultural values in our community, employees and visitors.

Our Story:

When it all began

In Monteverde, that had always been a magical place, its cloud forest had always captivated every visitor that walked through its trails. With the desire of 2 brothers and their sister, and the love they had for those wonderful mountains, they knew that there was more to that feeling, they knew there was more to explore, more to see, and more to admire.

A new way to explore

Thats when in 1997, Costa Rica Sky Adventures started. Being pioneers in Costa Rica we introduced the hanging bridges, a new way to explore the cloud forest from a unique point: at the treetops. With the passion that our founders had to explore we also felt the need to innovate, a feeling that has always been present in the company, and so introduced Sky Trek, a more thrilling way to enjoy the tropical forests.

A need to innovate

From then on, Sky Adventures has been looking for ways to enjoy and explore its forests. It opened in 2003 a new Park in La Fortuna, a new and magical experience everyone should live. And every day, every month, every year, we seek for new ways to find that magical moment to connect with nature, in any possible way, being in an adventure, admiring it, or any other way possible.

Our Founders:

Fernando Valverde

Fernando Valverde


Fernando its the oldest brother of a family of six siblings. His profession is biologist and its an enthusiasts in developing new sustainable projects. In this moment its working on a organic cocoa farm.

Ana Victoria Valverde

Ana Victoria Valverde


The second youngest of the family and the only women. She is a person fully dedicated to social work, in this moment she participates in more than five different institutions, including red cross and support group for women.

Rodrigo Valverde

Rodrigo Valverde


Rodrigo Valverde, he is the tireless inspiration behind new innovative projects, is the visionary mind behind all the ideas that have been built in the parks. Today is dedicated to find new opportunities to develop projects.