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Breathtaking Panoramic Views

Sky Tram Arenal

Our Sky Tram will take you up to the highest mountain in  Arenal. Our tramway will offer amazing views of the surrounding forests and even more. While ascending you will also be able to admire distinctive flora and fauna that might be only spotted from above.

Tramway Panoramic Views

The Sky Tram gondolas rise smoothly through the Rain Forest, offering up endless views during their mountainous ascent. This tour is perfect for people who want to take a different approach on admiring nature, without much physical effort but still be on spot where natures exhibits all its magic. On tour, you will be attended by a bilingual guide who will point out distinctive characteristics of the flora and fauna and other interesting facts of the area. Our Sky Tram travels up the mountains to arrive to a wide observation platform on the highest point of the reserve, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano, Lake, and the surrounding forests.










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Sky Tram Tour Highlights

Magnificent Tramway

More than 800m (2625ft) in our aerial tramway up the magnificent mountains of Arenal. Reach the highest points in the area, the top of the mountains.

Discover From Above

Sky Tram is a unique way to discover the forest from above. At heights that exceed treetops you can spot unique findings only possible in such a biodiverse forest.

The Best Viewpoints

When our Sky Tram reaches the highest point of the mountain, you will arrive at an exclusive viewpoint with breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and beyond.

Guides Available

Guides are available for the tram ride and if accompanied, they will explain and teach you about the flora and fauna of the area and all its interesting facts.

Mountainous Ascent

Discover the different sceneries a single mountain has to offer at different heights while travelling up the mountain with elevation gains of up to 227m (745ft).

Accesible Tour

Costa Rican forests are so wonderful, that everyone has to have the possibility to admire them. Sky Tram with its spacious gondolas makes it possible even for people with some disability.

Sky Tram Tour Information

  • Schedules
  • Restrictions
  • Tips
  • Schedules


    8:00am | 9:00am | 10:30am | 11:30am | 1:00pm | 2:00pm | 3:00pm

  • Restrictions
    • Child rates apply from ages 5 to 12.
    • Check-in is 15 minutes prior to the booked tour start time.
  • Tips
    • Wear comfortable and light clothes, better if they are breathable.
    • Bring a jacket or raincoat, just in case a friendly rain comes by.
    • Sunscreen is always recommended in this beautiful tropical country.
    • Insect repellent will come in handy.

Book Packages With Aerial Tram

Ziplines, Tram & Hanging Bridges
Arenal Park

Sky Trek, Tram & Walk

Enjoy amazing views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake with ziplines, hanging bridges, and an aerial tram ride.
Aerial Tram & Viewpoints
Arenal Park

Sky Tram

An Aerial Tram that will let you discover the forest from a birds eye perspective, enjoy unique breathtaking views.
Aerial Tram & Hanging Bridges
Arenal Park

Sky Walk & Tram

Discover the forest from a birds eye view aerial tram and go deep into the forest on the hanging bridges walk.
Ziplines, Tram & Challenges
Arenal Park

Sky Trek, Tram & Limit

For the most adventurous ones: unmatched zipline circuit and tram, and then more than 10 adventure activities.

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