Our environment, our life.

Sustainable tourism has been defined by the World Tourism Organization as one that “meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future. As part of our commitment to sustainability we have implemented a series of measures that allow us to reduce the impacts generated by the company to the environment and the community. To do this we focus on three main aspects:

Green contributions.

The purpose is to develop innovative projects that help decrease the maximum environmental impact of the company and the surrounding community. Our actions:


Monthly on both our communities, Monteverde and La Fortuna,  we encourage everyone to recycle.

Green Energy

We implement solar panels on Sky Trek stations, and also have various energy saving measures.


Reforestation programs are key to live on a healthier planet, and currently we are developing one in Upala.

Environmental Education

We want our future generations to continue with our efforts and be consistent about the good one can do.

Social & Cultural Contributions.

We rescue the culture of our people, we strive to promote our cultural values in our community, employees and visitors. Our actions:

Cultural Activities

Costa Rican culture is very rich and unique and to keep that living we support our communities cultural activities, helping and participating in them.

Patriotic Days

We celebrate Costa Rican historic events and we like to share them with our visitors in our parks, as part of our identity being from a culture rich country.

Contribution To Health.

Our goal is to promote the overall health of our employees and surrounding community through sport, education and recreation. Our actions:

Health Fair

Periodically we do health fairs and routine checks with our personnel. We also visit rural schools in our communities and help them too. Living healthy is one of the reasons Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world.

Sports Encouragement

Physical activity is vital to have a long live, so we encourage both our visitors and also ourselves here at Costa Rica Sky Adventures, with race events through the year and other sports activities we develop specially at our parks.

Our Environmental Related Certifications.

Our company and actions are strongly committed to the environment, and this certification is proof of it. The Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program – CST – is a product of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT). It ranks tour companies based on the degree to which they comply with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management. CST is consists of a scale of 5 “levels” of sustainable tourism achievement. Costa Rica Sky Adventures currently has all 5 levels.
Sky Adventures a Carbon Neutral Company
Carbon Neutral is a countries initiative program that aims to reduce greenhouse gases. Besides that it also raises awareness in mitigating the ones already produced by the companies. Our country goal is to achieve being completely Carbon Neutral by the year 2021. Here in Costa Rica Sky Adventures we want to help achieve that goal since we know the importance behind this program. Costa Rica Sky Adventures in 2014 in conjunction with other local companies and the Carbon Clear company achieved being completely carbon neutral; And we also encourage other companies, and everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.