“Like a rocket through the sky!”

Doing the Flyboard was way out of what I expected. It was awesome!! those 10 meters or so are actually real high, It doesn’t look like but at points I was scared how high I was going, but I kept going, it certainly was worth it. . Oh, and also “El Lago” as the guides called Lake Arenal was perfect, the water wasn’t cold. I couldn’t really had asked for more, it was a perfect day.

Flyboard – Rocket Through The Sky

Arenal Lake is a truly incredible place, with all its natural surroundings that give beautiful sceneries, but now is also a place to have your adrenaline pumping. You can now enjoy a unique experience rocketing through the sky on our Flyboard. Flying over 32 ft. (10 m.) above water, swimming like a dolphin, or compete with your friend on whether who can stay up the longest, riding a Flyboard is an experience like none other! Our Flyboard is a device which you will attach to your feet and that works with water propulsion provided from a sports watercraft to elevate you above water.

 Flyboard Key Components:

25 min of fun on Arenal Lake

Once our personnel has explained you the instructions, you can enjoy 25 minutes of pure adrenaline.

Flyboard just like Ironman

A unique experience of flying over the water, with a propulsion system similar to the character of Ironman!

Flyboard controlled by a sports watercraft

Propulsion is controlled by our staff on a sports watercraft to give you back control when drifting off.

Confortable to wear flyboard

The Flyboard device is very comfortable and easy to learn and use.

Safety equipment provided

Safety equipment will be provided, including a helmet and a life vest.

Easy to do Flyboard

Participants will take less than 5 minutes to raise in the air and enjoy an innovative and unparalleled activity.

Flyboard - Check dates and times


  • Bring your swimsuit or light clothes that will be comfortable while on water.
  • Sunblock is strongly recommended for sunny days sunglasses will come in handy.


  • Flyers must weight in between  45kg (100lbs) and 120kg (165lbs)
  • Minimum age of 12.
  • Flyers must know how to swim.