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Water Propulsion Flight

Sky Board Water Flight

Sky Board at Arenal Lake is the most exciting water sports adventure. An easy to learn activity equipped with tons of fun and adrenaline over the Lake. The Flyboard is a propulsion system that will elevate and give you the feeling of flying.

This Tour Is No Longer Available.

Exhilarating Water Propulsion Adventure Alongside The Volcano

Arenal Lake is a truly incredible place, with all its natural surroundings that give beautiful sceneries, it is the perfect place to have your adrenaline pumping. You can now enjoy a wonderful experience of rocketing through the sky on our Sky Board tour. A unique experience in Costa Rica, flying over 10m (33ft) above water, swimming like a dolphin, or compete with your friend on whether who can stay up the longest, riding a Flyboard is an experience like none other. The Flyboard is a device which you will attach to your feet and that works with water propulsion provided from a sports watercraft to elevate you over 10m (33ft) above water. You’ll attach the flyboard to your feet, jump on the water and in no time be flying over the lake.










Sky Board Tour Highlights

Distinct Experience

Sky Board is an unprecedented water propulsion activity in Costa Rica that will make you fly, hover, swim, or even dive on the scenic Arenal Lake.

The Perfect Time

Since this is such an adrenaline intense activity, we have figured that 25min will be the perfect amount of time to have an experience of a lifetime.

The Perfect Place

Arenal Lake is the perfect place to flyboard. On this unique set with amazing scenery you will be flying with the Arenal Volcano in the background.

Under Control

Water propulsion is controlled by our staff on a sports watercraft giving or taking depending on the control you have while on air. Safety first.

Easy To Learn

Put the boots on, stand up, relax and let the water flow. Participants will take less than 5 minutes to raise in the air and enjoy an extraordinary activity.

Comfortable Boots

The Flyboard device are boots on your feet which are very comfortable and easy to use. With your feet you will control direction and decide what to do.

Sky Board Tour Information

  • Schedules
  • Restrictions
  • Tips
  • Schedules Arenal: 10:15am | 12:15pm
  • Restrictions
    • Weight in between 45kg (100lbs) and 120kg (265lbs).
    • Minimum age of 12.
    • Must know how to swim.
    • High intensity activity not permitted for people with any kind of health problem (back, neck or any pain, bone, muscle or heart problems).
    • Check-in is 15 minutes prior to the booked tour start time.
  • Tips
    • Wear your swimsuit or comfortable and light clothes, suitable for aquatic activity.
    • Sunscreen is always recommended in this beautiful tropical country.
    • Bring a fresh change of clothes for after the water adventure.

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